Dedicated service for claim settlement

Buying an insurance is easy, but have you ever wondered that the premium you're paying on yearly basis would ever come handy for you during the time of crisis.
Well search no more RaKaM Insurance & Wealth Management has launched a dedicated service for claim settlement, no matter the type of claim ( Health, Life, Property Marine, Vehicle etc).
With more than 26 years of experience in Insurance industry and having helped our clients settle over 1500+ claims, we can help you get the claims for insurance that you've invested your hard earned money in.
We offer two types of claim settlement service -
1) Claim counselling - We arrange a call with our experienced team, who look into your case and council you to take the proper steps for timely claim settlement.
2) Claim Settlement - We take over from you and handle all the mails and claim calls and try and get the claims settled on time without much involvement from your side.
To get your claims settled, contact us today.

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